Horse racing is an equestrian sport that has come to exist for centuries. Generally speaking, it means a sport where humans ride on horses to compete. The chariot competition in ancient Rome is one of the earliest examples. Or the competition of warhorses between Odin and Hrungnir in Norse Mythology. It is inevitably, however, associated with gamble – gambling on the results.

Horse racing is the competition between thoroughbred horses in much of the world. In many countries, the raising, training and competition of horses have become a major business. Horse racing handbooking serves as the great financial support to a great extent. An extraordinary race horse may win over millions of US dollars. Offering horse services like breeding even make more money. In countries where horse racing is popular, the styles, distance and types of competition are greatly varied, the varieties of race horses are of a broad diversity in many countries as well.

In China, horse racing(Flat Racing of thoroughbred horses) began from 1841 in Hong Kong. British started cleaning a malaria-infested swampland for horse racing, which is known as Happy Valley today. The race course thus began running to this day, pausing for a few years during the World War II. Established in 1884, the Hong Kong Jockey Club turned from an amateur organization into a professional one in 1971. The second race course in Sha Tin was put into use in 1978. The history of horse racing has a history as long as more than 130 years.

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